A number of months ago, we let you know about our decision as a leadership to change the name of our church from Meadows Community Church to Hope Community Church. You can read more about why we made that decision here.

Seeing as a number of months have now passed, we wanted to give you an update as to what has been happening and what to expect over the next couple of months.

Up to now

Over the past couple of months, we have been laying the ground work for the whole rebrand project, including finding a company to manage the rebrand – hello eagle design!

We have also been building a team within the church who will help with the whole rebranding process, and deciding what we are able to do in order to mark this new season definitively.

This morning, we had our first designs through of the new webpage, which will be hosted at www.hopechurchwigston.co.uk, and we now have our completed church logo:

We think you’ll agree – it’s pretty great!

Next Steps

From here on in, things should start to move quite quickly. Our aim is to do a two-step launch of the new name of the church:

January 2020 – the soft launch

By here, we hope to have got the website designed and fitted out with nice content and pictures, as well as new email addresses for the leaders, as well as the name changed with the charity commission, and the outer signage changes.

March 2020 – the public launch

This is the point we hope to go ‘live’ for the community.

We are hoping to launch with a community fun day at the end of February, by which time we will have new welcome packs, a redesigned foyer, and banners both inside and outside the church advertising who we are and what we are about.

This is our opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to Wigston, and we are hoping God will use it to bring people into the church who would never normally go to church.

What next?

These dates are very much aspirational – we hope they will be met, but we are holding them with an open hand.

But as our church family, there are a couple of ways we would really value your support:

  1. Please pray. This is a big task with a lot of moving parts, we need wisdom on a whole host of little decisions. Pray for us.
  2. Get involved. We would love your ideas, your creativity and your feedback. Please be forthcoming with all of these. Ultimately, this is your church (well, it’s Jesus’s church, but you get the point) – we need you to help it feel like your church.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and patience. What an exciting season we are moving into as a church. Here’s to a new season of bringing Hope to Wigston.