depression_image3Tuesday 1st Sept 7.45pm at The King’s Centre

We will be exploring how to pray for those with depression and mental health problems and what practical help we can give. There will testimony and practical suggestions from those who have received help in the past as well as a video from ‘Mind and Soul’, a professional organisation exploring Christianity and mental health. In many churches and health-care settings Christianity and mental health are kept deliberately separate. Mental health is rarely discussed in our churches and Christian spirituality is often seen as having little to offer the world of psychology. It is not surprising then, that those of us who have no experience of mental health find it difficult to know how to pray for others who suffer in this way. This is not an evening to understand professional counselling or individual prayer ministry, but to answer the questions ‘How can I pray?’, ‘What can I do?’ and ‘What is appropriate to say in conversation?’