Yesterday evening, Meadows Community Church gathered to hear about where the Leadership Team felt the Lord was leading us as a church in the future.

For those who were unable to be there in person, we wanted to let you know what you missed!

As a Leadership Team, we feel strongly that the Lord is leading us into a new season as a Church Family. We are seeing rapid growth, a number of people coming to faith, and increased engagement with our community.

In the Bible, when the Lord brings someone into a new season, he will sometimes mark the change with a name change. Saul became Paul; Abram became Abraham, and so on.

With this in mind, we believe the lord is leading us to change the name of our church from Meadows Community Church to Hope Community Church.

There are a number of reasons that we gave last night for this name change, including the fact that ‘Meadows’ neither describes where we are, or where we are trying to reach. However, the simplest and clearest explanation is simply that we feel Hope is the word that we believe the Lord wants to use to define this new season. We have a message of hope, we are a people with a sure and certain hope, and we want to bring hope to Wigston; particularly to people who feel they have very little hope. We want to be a church that reaches people who would never normally step foot in a church, bringing the hope of Jesus to them, rather than waiting for them t o come to us.

This is more than just a name change. This is who we want to be. And there are six values that give this further depth.

  1. Authentic Community.

The Gospel shows us that there are no good/bad Christians. All of us are flawed human beings made right before God. We want to foster a sense of authentic community where we can be real, honest, and vulnerable with one another.

2. Extravagant Worship

We believe God has loved us extravagantly in Christ, and our response should also extravagant. We believe worship is a lifestyle characterised by devotion to God in the little and big things.

3. Shaped by the Word

We want to make God’s Word central to everything we do as a church family. In it we see Jesus most clearly; through it we hear from God most clearly; by it, our lives are transformed most radically.

4. Moving in the Spirit

We want to be open to everything God’s Spirit has for us as he builds up the body and equips us for mission. We want to give time to waiting on the Holy Spirit, and equipping the church to minister in His power.

5. Driven by Prayer

We believe that if we want to see revival come, it starts with prayer. Prayer expresses our fundamental dependence on God. But we also believe that God loves to answer our prayers! So we will work to make prayer our primary instinct.

6. Serving our Community

This is why we are here. Because our community needs Wigston. And unless we go, unless we love, unless we serve and give and just be present, how wil they hear?

This vision isn’t encapsulated in a pithy sentence. But all the same, these six principles are where we are asking God to take us as a Church family. We are so excited about this, and long for you to take this journey with us as we become more like Christ, and learn to reach our community more effectively.