If you’re curious about what Mindfulness is and particularly why a christian should be involved with mindfulness, then please come to our day conference on Saturday 2nd Feb in Leicester. 1 in 4 people experience difficulties with their mental health and Christian Mindfulness has particular benefits for anyone with mental health problems. With nationally-recognised speakers this day will be an excellent introduction to Christian Mindfulness.

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Our focus for the day will be to enable Christians to engage with mindfulness for health and mindfulness of God in an informed way. The day will be a mix of keynote speakers and breakout seminars led by experts in this field who will bring psychological, biblical and historical perspectives to the cultural phenomenon of mindfulness. The day will be invaluable for any Christian interested in this area of mental health and spirituality.

The East Midlands Christian Mindfulness Day (EMCMDay) is very much a local event. After the success of the recent National Mindfulness Days for Christians (NMDs) Dr Mike Pearce (A&E Consultant) and Dr Sue Smith (local Consultant Psychiatrist) approached Revd Shaun Lambert, one of the co-founders of the NMDs about a similar day in Leicester. This will be hosted at the King’s Centre, Wigston & sponsored by Meadows Community Church. Shaun approached his fellow co-founder of the NMDs Richard Johnston of Christian Mindfulness and the EMCM Day was born!

Early bird tickets are available for £30 until 19th January from https://christianmindfulness.co.uk/events/east-midlands-christian-mindfulness-day

£10 Concession Prices Also Available for anyone on a lower income.